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Male Dog Diapers - Belly Band 6"-8 for Short Hair (FITS 2 lb DOG AND UNDER) (COPY)

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Male Dog - Dog Diapers

Belly Bands Waist Size 6"-8"

For Short Hair Dogs
Male Dog Diapers - Belly Bands

Male Dog Belly Bands

Whether your male dog or puppy marks in the house – or has problems with incontinence, our male dog belly bands are the answer. They really are a must for the in-house male dog.

Our canine belly bands offer a tried and true method for house training your male puppy, as well as preventing accidents where dog incontinence is a problem.

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What is a Dog Belly Band?

A canine belly band is essentially a male dog diaper, and boy, do they ever work well!

Kennel Komforts dog belly bands also help as an anti-breeding aid. They’re a must if you’re planning to travel with your male dog or puppy.

  • Our male dog belly bands come in many different colors and pattterns and are absolutely adorable. See all the fabric patterns when you select the right size of Belly Band for your dog.
  • Our unique dog belly band design will cover more of the penis than any of our competitors belly bands.
  • Our male dog panties are proudly made in the USA, from 100% breathable cotton. There is no harsh plastic or leather to rub on his skin area.
  • Our doggie belly bands are different than those from other companies. Our unique design is important in the fact that it is wider and covers the whole penis with elastic sewn in on both sides of the crotch fabric which makes a cup shape. This will ensure that the pad will stay in place and the penis will not slip out.
  • With the widened crotch, any size absorbent pad will lay nicely in the gathered area. A FREE pad with your first dog belly band order. Order Yours Today.
  • Our belly bands use a “NEW” adjustable 4 inch Velcro open/closer that over locks over his back which makes it nearly impossible for him to remove.
  • Thousands of repeat customers prove that Kennel Komforts are the best dog belly bands you can buy.
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